Charlie Peterson

If I’m not skiing, running, or traveling, you can find me binge watching sci-fi, or youtube.

I double majored in physics and philosophy at Hendrix College, and have an MA in Bioethics from New York University. Between the undergrad and grad school I spent three years teaching in the charter world in New York City.

To me, teaching, researching, and writing are edifying and self-reinforcing. I started this website to share work I find meaningful and some of the earlier drafts I am pursuing.

My current project is a book on the intersection of AI ethics and the affirmative action debate. I advocate removal of bias in machine learning models even if this means prioritizing protected classes above privileged classes.

I am also interested in the history of technology. Is technology intrinsically progressive? Before moving into AI I studied philosophy of physics – particularly causalty, time, and free will.

I take the craft of teaching seriously, and am always on the lookout for teaching positions, either adjunct or high school level.